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Book worm seeks apple [Outta GoodReads Prison]

I am a foreign resident of Netherlands who travels a lot, loves a good read (and a good talk about it) with passion, and has been doing technical writing for a living for over five years as part of computer science research. Besides traveling, my life is happily kept hectic by cheerful friends and me trying to keep myself busy; time-wise the latter takes the lion's share. I enjoy the occasional good wine (or Port) with an old cheese (and olives), I sigh whenever theater is only in Dutch, and often I wonder where all the mountains have gone. *** A note on the ratings. I care enough about the books listed in my profile that an objective grading is impossible. To address this issue, I tried to first rank the authors and only then the books of each; there are some exceptions, especially when an author has created something wonderful among more regular writings (such as Irving Stone's "The Agony and the Ecstasy"). ***